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Pregnancy Photography

Maternity photography as elegant keepsakes to share with your child one day

Pregnancy is a unique life experience, a miracle of new life growing inside you and the beauty that it brings. This is your chance to celebrate your pregnancy and have beautiful maternity photography keepsakes created to remind you of this special time in your life and to share with your child one day. Denver maternity photographer David Zwick specializes in creating pregnancy photography as elegant and timeless keepsakes that is creatively designed and captures your beauty, making Pink Fog on of the most in demand Denver maternity photographers.

Maternity Photography – $125

Up to 60 minute studio pregnancy photography session focused on documenting your beauty during pregnancy. Pink Fog uses sophisticated studio lighting, custom painted backdrops, and creative techniques to create dramatic and timeless pregnancy photography you will love. The maternity photography session fee covers the creative process only and does not include finished art pieces. All images and prints are sold separately. Call 303-339-0742 or contact us by email to discuss or to schedule your pregnancy photography session. View Pink Fog’s maternity photos.

Why Professional Pregnancy Pictures?

Why not maternity photos? Expecting a baby is one of the most exciting times in you life. During other milestones of life, like graduating high school and college, engagement, and marriage, it is common to have professional photographs taken to commemorate the experience. It seems only natural to include pregnant photography as well. Besides, you will never look more alive than when you are pregnant. The hormonal changes to your body will make you hair thicker, your complexion may glow, and many people share the opinion that there is nothing more beautiful than a pregnant woman. View samples of Pink Fog’s maternity portraits.

When to Have Your Pregnancy Photography Taken?

You will want to wait until close to the end of your pregnancy for maternity photography to be most effective; after all, the whole point is to capture your belly for posterity. This is especially true if your pregnant state does not show much during your early months of pregnancy. View samples of Pink Fog’s maternity photos.

What to Expect from Your Maternity Photography Session?

Having your pregnancy photography taken while you are pregnant is really no different than any other trip to the photographer. The more natural you look, the better the photos will turn out. You can choose to dress up or dress down. You can even have a tastefully semi-nude or nude shots taken. View samples of Pink Fog’s maternity portraits.

Pink Fog Studios is located in downtown Denver minutes from Stapelton Denver, Highlands Denver, Park Hill Denver, Cherry Creek Denver, and Washington Park Denver with free street parking. We hope to see you soon.

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